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New Year, New Goals

As the New Year has rolled in, I've taken a step back to realize what I want and what I do not want. 

This is when I realized I spent a huge chunk of 2019 doing things I never ACTUALLY wanted to do in the first place. We've all been there right?! You say you want to go to this event that an hour away but in reality all it's going to be is a hassle and BORING. A night where all your friends want to go out on the town but on the inside you had planned a cozy night in your bed. We've literally all been there. 

I realized all of this because I was looking back at all of my previous and current jobs and roles. I've recently started a new job that I physically, emotionally, and mentally LOVE. I wake up in the mornings and get excited to be a part of the team and get excited to start getting work done! 

In total, I have had 5 jobs since I turned 16. All which have lead me to this post. I started my first REAL job at Marshall's. I worked at Marshall's for 3 years (almost).  Almost every shift towards the end I wanted to quit. The work environment wasn't for me. The tasks that had to get done took ZERO brain power. It was repetitive and exhausting to be there. The amount of people coming and going. The managers constantly changing. I knew it wasn't for me. The only good thing that came out of it was a few close relationships that I still hold dearly to my heart. 

I got hired at the Entrepreneurship Center at Kent State. I still work here (btw!) The CEBI Lab has offered me the most valuable lessons and I have been able to grow my network, my friendships, and my business through this position. The environment is always something new with students coming in and out with new business ideas or just to chat. It has been a job of true friendships and personal growth. 

During this time, I was an intern at a company called OY-L, that to this day I still use the product and advocate for the product. The work was new and exciting at the time. I learned quite a bit in a short amount of time. Once I got my experience and the semester ended, the internship also ended. I moved on to the next learning experience! 

Over the summer, I had a similar experience at a company called CMS that I did at Marshall's. It clearly wasn't for me. Almost every morning I woke up and thought of a new excuse to call off. The environment was unexciting and unwelcoming. The people were so different than me. I was unmotivated to better myself. I got angry at every small thing. I watched the clock all day long until it was time to leave. I left this job because it was obviously not what I WANTED. 

Now, I am working for a company called Komae. A babysitting co-op application where you swap points for free babysitting! I started in December (so I am still very new) as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. Every single day that I've woken up to get to work, I have loved. I love driving there. I love getting there and starting the day off with conversation. I love collaborating with my team, providing my opinions and thoughts, and most importantly, creating content! I love the work I do. 

I take pride in being able to wake up and know that I love what I am doing and want to continue knowing I love what I do. On top of all these positions, I also own and manage Linden Lane Artworks. It grounds me and keeps me humble.

My 2020 year is about doing things I love, things that I want to be a part of and saying no to the things I don't. It's time to make the change because it'll only make myself and everyone around me happier and more positive. It's going to be about taking risks and (writing more blog posts ;))

Comment below your 2020 goals or job experiences. I would love to know! 

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  • I want to paint more and expand the venues that take my work. It was good starting out in Cambridge, but I believe I can do more if I travel beyond my county line. So, I also must paint more. Besides that, I plan to learn more about photography and wish to go on short trips to take photos.

    Susan Lester

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