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Linden Lane Updates

Linden Lane has an announcement to make to all of you!

After spending all summer and winter popping-up Linden Lane Artworks booths, it got tiresome and uninteresting. I wanted things to change. I got into a funk that many entrepreneurs fall into when they're bored and want something different.

After selling out of Christmas cards at our holiday markets, it dawned on me to focus on what the customers want! (duh!)

Linden Lane has taken a different path. We are moving into the greeting card and postcard market! We will be adding greeting cards, thank you cards, quirky cards, birthday cards and much more onto the website. You will be able to purchase them in different locations in Kent, Ohio, as well as our site, and eventually expand out further in the future!

We are continuing to sell large paintings through our website.

Keep an eye out on our social pages to see designs and sales. We will start posting more once we get designs! 


Remember, thank you cards never go out of style! What kind of corky quotes and birthday cards would you want to see?

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